Admissio open for 2016


Rp Degree College SSR Report
- 2016

With B Grade By NAAC

Principal Desk

Dear Student

We welcome the ambitious aspirants like you to develop you into an immaculate professional to tackle incorrigible world with tranquility.
We don't force you but guide you to develop the inner skills within you and bring them out undistorted.
In Priyadarshini we not only bring out your traits but also bring the personality out of a person.
We mainly understand in the need for communication skills in today's world and help the student in developing his personality with the help of vast Library, Language classes, caring and supporting staff.
We belives that any body and everybody graduates themselves for the one & only need for survival Hence we concentrate on the placement of the student, part-time & full time. There are many MNC CO's who have visited and place our students in their organizations in the past years.

At such a congenial atmosphere we can assure you that you may rest assured of the outcome of a perfect scholar in to the world wishing you all the success.
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